MakersGame | Cove Bikes Titanium Hummer 650BJ: Showcasing Canada's finest
The Cove Hummer 650BJ is an instant classic. My client wished to use it to showcase some of the latest release for this season by building a custom mountain bike that was photographed for use in a newsletter marketing campaign and subsequent blog post.
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Cove Bikes Hummer 650BJ Titanium Mountain Bike The Cove Hummer 650BJ Confidence Inspiring Race Face Cockpit Cove Bikes Hummer Head Badge DVO Diamond fork really sets this build apart The cove Hummer 650BJ even has room for a water bottle cage Race Face's Turbine Cinch Cranks SDG can always be found under the bums of some of the worlds most elite riders
Campaigns, Marketing, Mountain Bike, Newsletter, Product Photography
About This Project

In October last year, I was given the task of photographing a custom build in order to showcase some of this years new product releases. The new product had been built onto a Cove Hummer titanium frame. The hummer is an instant classic to any mountain bike rider that remembers the peak of the “Hardcore Hardtail” trend.