MakersGame | Cove Bikes: The story of a rebirth
A series of photographs showcasing the Cove Bikes Hustler in it's natural habitat. The photographs formed the imagery for a number of promotional channels, including the company blog, nesletters and social media.
Cove, Bike, Canada, British, Columbia, Photography, Design, Marketing, Campaign
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Raul shredding his Hustler The Cove Hustler getting high The Hustler basking in the evening sun
Design, Photography
650B, Campaign, Cove Bikes, Design, Marketing, Mountain Biking, Photography, The Hustler
About This Project

Cove Bikes were an integral part of the rise in North Shore style mountain biking, with big drops and gnarly styling and the iconic wooden slat elevated platforms. They declined in popularity in the late 2000’s. By the time they released all new frames with updated geometry, people were talking about them in the past tense. Working with UK Distributor of Cove I produced a set of images that would be used to raise awareness of the brands re-birth. The following images were used across social media channels, the company blog and a newsletter campaign constructed by me.