MakersGame | Christmas Product Photography With Adam Stonehouse
Back in December of 2015 I was asked to produce a series of photographs that could be used for a marketing campaign targeting both retailers and consumers. The images were to be made as sterile as possible to allow the reworking and reuse of the images for banners on the web and social media channels as well as the email marketing campaign.
Cycle, Product, Photography, High, Key, Bicycle, Industry, Marketing, Campaign
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All the goods under one tree All the products together Great Luggage From Yeti Cycles and EVOC Sports Great bike components for little dosh Great safety gear from Race Face Performance Products and Spiuk Spiuk Clothing over £80 Over £80 All EVOC Luggage Xmas Over £80 MTB components Easton Grips Orange Christmas EVOC Sports Under £20 Ritte are an exciting new brand on the road scene Vibrant coloured grips form SDG Skratch labs Natural Sports Hydration SockGuy Make Some Amazing Socks Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Bar Tape And Easton MTB Grips Yeti Cycles gifts for under £20
Design, Photography
Accessories, Components, Cycling, e*thirteen, EVOC Sports, Mountain Bike, Parts, Product Photography, Race Face Performance Products, Road, Spiuk, Yeti Cycles
About This Project

Back in December 2015 I was tasked with creating a series of photographs with a yule tide theme, to showcase some of the Silverfish UK product range at varying price brackets. The idea was to inform consumers and retailers of the various items we stock that would make great gift items for the cyclists in their lives.